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  • ZCLVL-19 (yellow)
  • ZCLVL-19 (green)
  • ZCLVL-19 (hot pink)
  • Cloverleaf tube with superior design stemming from over 15 years of construction experience
  • Constructed from 40 gauge virgin PVC
  • Custom colors and logo options available


  • ZCLVL-19HD
  • ZCLVL-15-HD-NH-17
  • Heavy duty Cloverleaf tubes constructed from 40 gauge virgin PVC
  • Featuring an overlaid supported PVC center resulting in a longer lasting tube
  • The “NH” version features nylon handles positioned towards the center of the tube


  • The Clover Flower tube is our most heavy duty, longest lasting Cloverleaf series tube.
  • Features a center comprised of only supported PVC. Remainder of the tube is constructed with 40 gauge PVC
  • Built to last!


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